Delos & Pallas watches meticulously inspects each watch component for quality, focusing on precision and durability. Every movement undergoes rigorous testing to ensure accuracy and longevity. From the intricate gears to the flawless casings, Delos & Pallas watches commitment to excellence in watchmaking shines through in every meticulously crafted detail. cherished for generations.

Our essence

1st: Some things never go out of style. 2d: We believe that a good watch is a great opportunity to complement the look. 3rd: Watches are popular again. Whether retro or modern, watches are now an essential element of a beautiful look.
01. 316L Stainless Steel
the watch case is made of extra low carbon steel that is often used in surgical instruments and marine appliances thanks to its high corrosion resistance
02. Swiss Ronda Movement
Run by the vibration of a quartz crystal(32,786times per second) under current to keep possibly.accurate time
03. Sapphire crystal

Known forobtaining a remarkable hardness(nearly as hard as a diamond). Has a high scratchresistance which makes it a perfect material for.wristwatches

04. Italian leather straps

The band is made of high-grade ltalian eco-leather with a soft nubuck lining for extra.comfort. Obtains excellent wearing qualities

Elegance and Sophistication

   Exuding timeless sophistication, Delos & Pallas watch embodies vintage elegance with its sleek stainless steel case, meticulously crafted leather strap, and classic Roman numeral dial. Its refined design, reminiscent of an era of grace and style, effortlessly merges nostalgia with contemporary functionality, making it a symbol of refined taste and enduring beauty.

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